Understanding and enjoying our Mediterranean culture:


We founded our company on a clear aim to defend and understand our culture. Understanding as a way of life sustainable for nature and even more so personel. On the one hand respecting the most important values for human beings and on the other hand building emotions which are essential for life.

Daring you, come and live it.

The bull, the horse and the meadow.

Unmistakable symbols from other better times.

We bring you closer to a way of understanding nature and animals that do not conceive in our society anymore. A way of sustainable life and in perfect harmony with the environment in which you discover gastronomy, wines, flamingo and how to take care and to handle livestock with real values, sacrifices and enjoyment of our lifestyle. Everything for a single aim, you will live a real and unforgettable experience you always remember.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to develop a group experience to excite you and make you feel alive. To come close to the local gastronomy, traditions and a way of understanding the bull, the horse, flamingo and the environment.

Nature reserve and genetics

Today the whole livestock turn the meadows into nature reserve and a genetic heritage.

Values and immaterial heritage

Values deduced from livestock management and rural environment are extincted in our society and without any doubt is essential for our self-improvement.


Our way of life demands sustainable behaviour compatible with nature, which guarantees a healthy and breathable environment for the next generations.

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